About Themeknit

About Themeknit


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The company "Themeknit" serves local and international clients on web design, development and also helps to customize any of our products.

We started work in 2013 to help our national and international clients by products and gradually developed our experise to a full-fledged product development and consulting firm.

We base our work on creating additional value for clients, our specialization is product designing, and we know everything about it.


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Challenges in quality products

Our market is extremely competitive, public domain technology quickly becomes obsolete within years. Solutions that worked a year ago can now lead entrepreneurs to a dead end. We don't sell the process itself, but the solution to your problem.

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Always being ready to help the customer is important

We take partnerships seriously and put the success of our clients at the front-line. We are always prepared for additional actions.

The best people in Themeknit are always on the front line to provide immediate support to our customers. We focus our time and attention on solving your problems.
Our customers always receive the necessary assistance immediately: any staff who can help you solve your problem, by avoiding unnecessary steps between office levels and without creating unnecessary complications.

Partnership is the soul of our business

Our clients belief us with the success of their business. They assume that long-term partnerships with Themeknit guarantee responsiveness to their challenges. Our shares don’t seem to be on the stock exchange. This enables us to pay attention on customers instead of value fluctuations from Wall Street.

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A great team is the heart of any business

Our team members are our the most valuable asset. Because we pay special attention to the training and skills development of personnel at all levels, we employ the best and most experienced specialists in each of the areas of production.

The combination of experience and professionalism in our work allows us to offer our customers the best products at the most advantageous prices and on time optimal for our customers.


You are in good company!

Over 500+ people, beginners and professionals, from around the world have already created successful projects with our Premium WordPress Plugins and Templates. Join us!

About our clients

We help small businesses around the world with amazing products. A few good reasons what really matters to them.

they are by far the I've seen. Super easy to setup, great pricing and great support.

Paul Dunne Director at FlyingFish

themeknit teams saved us countless hours of development time. It's the best event managing experience available.

Lindsey Burrell Digital Marketer at ToolsZap

He replied very quickly with solid advice that resolved my problem immediately. I am always pleasantly surprised when an online company timely response.

Pater Zeo Member at JBCNconf

Awesome support! Great and helpful feedback. I'm not a web designer so having this support is a game changer.

Ozzy Bravo Terracon Consultants

Featuring our upcoming events is imperative to our success. Our entire team can easily manage The Add to Calendar plugin, and it has become the most integral part on our site!

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